BitDefender Rescue CD

Sun, Feb 20, 2011


BitDefender Rescue CD

Download and burn latest version of BitDefender Rescue CD image (freeware)

BitDefender Rescue CD is a BitDefender remastered Knoppix distribution, which integrates the latest BitDefender for Linux security solution into the GNU/Linux Knoppix Live CD, offering a desktop antivirus which can scan and disinfect existing hard drives (including Windows NTFS partitions). At the same time, BitDefender Rescue CD can be used to restore your valuable data when you cannot boot Windows. The best thing in this rescue CD is, when you boot using this CD and connects to Internet, it can update the virus definition.

When you boot your computer with BitDefender Rescue CD, you will see a menu to choose the language or to boot computer from hard drive. Here choose BitDefender Rescue CD together with language.

After it will start up, if the resolution is too small you can adjust the resolution using the menu below (Settings -> Display).

Adjust Resolution

From this menu you can change the resolution to a higher value. Mostly 1024×768 resolution will be enough to fit everything to the screen.

You will see a “license agreement”, to accept check the tick and then click continue.

BitDefender License Agreement

Once you you accept the license aggrement, it will automatically start to update the antivirus definition database from internet.

Antivirus Definition Database Update

After the update is completed, it will automatically find Windows drive and start to scan.

BitDefender Scanning

BitDefender Rescue CD also includes a File Manager. You can easily use it if you need to do works on your files.

File Manager

It also includes TestDisk utility which can be used to recover data.

TestDisk Utility

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