Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Book Reader Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Book Reader Review

These days, the lines between gadgets have been blurred. It used to be that phones are used for calling, cameras are used to take pictures and computers are used to surf the internet. After which came specific devices like readers for e-books. Now, phones can take pictures, and e-book readers can now be used to access the internet. With so many functionalities being put into one gadget, anyone who wants to have at least one of them wonder if it is still better to use a dedicated thing to do something or get one of those all-in-one gizmos.

Dedicated e-readers have joined this delineation of lines by adding so many features, one would think they’re not e-readers but smaller tablets already. Before it used to be just black and white e-readers, then adding connectivity followed, then colored screens ensued. This is why a good number of Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Book Reader reviews already consider it to be in the leagues of the iPad, Galaxy or eeePad Transformer. But then, with its smaller size and way lower price, is the Nook Color really comparable to them, or has it created a new battlefield together with the Kindle Fire?

With the latest generation of Nook Color, the operating system has been replaced with an Android 2.2 Froyo. Moreover, the new Nook Color has an App Store already, really making it more like a tablet than an e-reader. As for the Nook Color, here is a rundown of its features:

  • A VividView capacitive touch screen measuring 7 inches and a resolution of 1024×600 resolution.
  • A processor with a 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 base, 45nm OMAP3621.
  • Internal memory of 8 GB, 3 GB of which is used by the operating system.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • A slot for microSD expansion cards.
  • A jack for 3.5mm headsets.
  • Mono speaker.
  • A port for microUSB which can be used for both transferring of books and charging.
  • Dimensions: 8.1 inches wide, 5.0 inches tall and 0.48 inches thick, weighing 15.8 ounces.

In terms of speed, Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Book Reader reviews agree that the Nook Color can certainly not compete with the iPad or Galaxy. But then, the manufacturers have no intention of doing so, as the device’s main function is to still be a ‘cross-media reading device’ that has been added with a good number of multimedia features at half the price of tablet PCs.

Comparing the newest release of the Nook Color to the previous generation does not yield much of a difference in terms of the interface. The new generation of Nook Color now has support for Adobe Flash. That means videos can now be seen using the unit. There are also new applications in the new generation Nook Color like the email app and some social networking tools. It boasts of a new social network oriented on books, though, called Nook Friends, where members can talk about and swap e-books. The app store contains 139 applications, but still has the ‘musts’ like Angry Birds.

Perhaps the biggest surprise this Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Book Reader review will disclose is that despite the new software which usually slows down devices, there is a noticeable increase in speed with the new generation Nook Color. Overall, it is not a great device yet, but it is definitely a practical device for people on a budget and still getting their feet wet on the whole tablet experience.

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