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Wed, Jan 19, 2011

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Avira Antivir

If you do not have any virus protection, your computer can get infected fairly quickly. If you are one of those unprotected, consider downloading the free version of Avira AntiVir Personal, an anti-virus software. This software offers protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spy ware and several other things that can harm your computer. This software has been tested millions of times from all over the world, and is available for absolutely free. This free type of software does not protect you everything, but makes it easy to remove viruses and repairs your computer automatically from the harmful malware it does detect.

Avira AntiVir Personal Anti-virus has a great average detection rate of 99.4% and ranked the second best free anti-virus software program in 2010. This software is user friendly and easy to configure. Another great aspect of this software is that it updates automatically so no need for updating manually and forgetting to update on a regular basis. The downside to this anti-virus product is that it does not include web or email scanning capabilities. Avira can detect around 99% of malware and can completely block around 80% of attacks.  This product has around an average of 98-100% rate in detecting infections and successful at removing all active components of an attack on an average of 70% of the time. Unfortunately, this product has a success rate of removing malware 30% of the time.

AntiVir Personal Anti-Virus Software scan speed and it on access scan speeds are excellent and quite faster than any other free anti-virus software. AntiVir Personal is reliable and constantly scans your computer for any harmful material. That can leave you more concerned about your online business and less concerned about what is harming your computer or not. This product does majority of the work for you to find these harmful malware materials on your computer. It monitors every action made by the computer user and acts fast when detecting a malicious program.

This product is mainly directed for those who browse the internet at home or just use their computer for personal use. This anti-virus product would not be recommended for any business or commercial use.  An upside is that this program can be used on windows and UNIX , has advanced options, user friendly, and extremely easy to use. One option that is available to its user is the on demand scan option. This option allows you to run a scan any time you want to. This keeps the peace of mind any time you are worried if your computer is infected or not. Just simply run the scan when you are ready and find out if anything is wrong. You also have Rootkit protection so it detects any hidden malware installed on your computer. Even though all these options sound fantastic, this free program only gives you basic protection. If you want advanced protection, you can purchase the non-free version of Avira Personal Anti-Virus.

Download latest Free version (~56.5 MB).

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