Asus G73SW Laptop Review

Sat, Dec 24, 2011

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Asus G73SW Laptop Review

Laptops are designed by computer engineers with different purposes in mind, and the features of the laptops will depend on the purposes they are intended for. The Asus G73SW is built with not just the purpose of having the power of a desktop computer in a portable gadget, but also to design a gadget that can withstand the rigorous strains caused by playing games. In other words, this laptop is designed for gaming. Just like all technological innovations, there are also advantages and disadvantages when using the G73SW. After all, it is always up to the prospect buyer if the features of one gadget are up for the job.

The Asus G73SW Laptop’s design is similar to the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber. All the prominent angles and the matte – black finish makes it look sophisticated and a killer. The G73 series is built with Intel’s second generation core processor, which allows for a faster performance. It rivals the power of a desktop computer making it even better for multi – tasking. If gaming and video encoding are basic tasks for this laptop, then office applications are quite basic tasks for the G73SW Laptop.

Asus G73SW features the THX TruStudio and the Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0, these are processing software programs that responsible for the awesome audio it has. The THX TruStudio uses an optimized audio scenario so that movies, games and music are more realistic than ever. The EAX Advanced on the other hand, can detect the environment and the actions around it to make 3D echo sound effects. These two processing software envelope you with realistic background effects, which is an innovation in excellent sonic performance.

This Asus G73SW Laptop is also designed to keep the system cool using an advanced ventilation system without the disrupting ventilation noise. Although you can still hear the spinning fan while running the system, the sound produced is not distracting to the user especially when working on important office applications. Their noise dampening design and unique cooling system is based on the ingenuity of the G73SW’s eye – catching lay – out. The two venting exhausts placed on the rear ends of the laptop, pushing away both the heat and the noise the whole time your system is running.

The keyboard surface of this Asus G73SW Laptop is wrapped in a rubber material for a comfortable feel while spending long hours of work or gaming in front of the computer screen. Although gamers who have tested the keyboard during long gaming sessions gave feedback about the shallowness of the while pressing the keys; the built-in illuminated keyboard makes up for the shallowness of the keys. Another feature of the Asus G73SW is its use of the NVIDIA GTX 460M, a brand new graphics processor that produces high definition quality graphics with the best video acceleration. The 3DTV Play of NVIDIA within the G73SW projects the high definition graphics from the laptop to any compatible 3DTV; where you can browse through 3D photos, play exciting games and watch home – made videos. Making your experience more realistic even within the confines of your living room.

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