Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader Review

With the explosion of tablet PCs as a must-have gadget among the tech nerds, having a dedicated e-reader has become a bit impractical. Why have an e-reader when you can read everything you can in it with a colorful tablet that has all the bells and whistles? However, if a majority of Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader reviews were to be believed, then the great experience of reading a book using it will somewhat change the opinion stated earlier.

In terms of design, the Kindle 3rd generation has gotten the size down pat. It is small without being too small, handy without looking too fragile and thin without appearing disposable. With its measurements of 8.5 ounces (weight) and 0.3 inches (thickness), it is no doubt very portable. Compared to even a magazine or a book, the Kindle is actually handier.

As for e-reader purists, the best feature they look for in a Kindle is the E Ink Screen with Pearl Technology. They need not fret, because as with previous editions, this feature is still available in the Kindle 3. The clarity of the text on the screen is as 3-dimensional as text could ever be, like letters actually written on the Kindle screen in bright and clear black ink.

Reading books outdoors under the sunlight with the Kindle 3 is not a problem, as the screen shields external glare. There is no need for an anti-glare cover for the screen. But then, in the tradition of previous Kindles, in order to preserve and proximate the experience of reading a book, the model still does not have a backlight. That means one cannot use the unit alone in total darkness. There are accessories available like a light source that users can clip on their Kindles to enjoy reading even in the dark.

Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader reviews also agree in the device’s energy efficiency. The only times when the unit uses power is when a user has to turn a page or when having to surf to get a book or use its internet function. With regular use, the Kindle can still be on for more than a month without charging. On standby mode, Amazon claims the model’s battery can actually last for two months.

The Kindle 3 has built-In WiFi and also 3G. For users who are not situated in a WiFi hotspot, they can still access the internet through a 3G network (like a cell phone) which, as of the moment, is still free (Amazon pays for it). Heavy surfing is not really recommended here, as the browser used in the Kindle is not as sophisticated as Chrome or even Mozilla. The primary purpose of the connectivity function is for users to have easy access to reading material which they can download through the Amazon store.

Page turning capabilities are though the Page Turn buttons, with one on both sides. Aside from the buttons being ergonomic, the fact that there are two buttons on either side makes it easy for a left-hander to turn the pages as much as a right-hander. This means that the Kindle is not a touch-screen device.

The Kindle 3 is an audio-enabled device, so audio books can be ‘read’ through the device. It has a keyboard which may need some getting used to as all the buttons are the same size, expect for the space bar. Distinguishing the enter button from the rest would need some muscle memory.

Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi/3G, 3rd Generation) E-Book Reader reviews all agree that the Kindle 3 is a great devices especially for book lovers. It is still something recommended as a book and newspaper reader because it does not have a colored screen, so magazine reading is a not a really great experience. But with the features mentioned earlier, plus support for other formats like PDF, having this e-reader is indeed a nice addition to anyone’s gadgets.

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