Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) E-Book Reader Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) E-Book Reader Review

Kindle DX, as in its predecessors, has tried its best to stand out in the crowd with unique and useful features. With e-book readers just really required to have power even after days and be handy enough to place in a pocket, what else could be placed in it to stand out? Amazon has thought of many ways, of course. But alas, the second generation Kindle did not really present a huge punch in terms of departing from the first generation Kindle. The Kindle DX which was made available only months after the Kindle 2’s mini-splash, finally delivers on expectations people had on the 2nd generation Kindle. One, the DX has built-in support for PDF files. The DX screen is 4 inches bigger than the Kindle’s 6-incher, which makes it actually look more like a tablet. With these new features, are Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) E-Book Reader reviews generally glowing?

The two additional features mentioned above make the DX great for particular market niches- business or financial people and students. People in business or finance are definitely more biased with the PDF format, which makes the Kindle DX ideal for them. For PDF files that appear small because they were created to be viewed in computers, it may initially be a problem because doers not enlarge or zoom PDF files. However, the built-in inclinometer allows users to change the orientation of the file, so much so that the PDF file will now appear ‘bigger’ or at least, more readable. However, Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) E-Book Reader reviews point out that images contained in .doc files, as well as actual Excel, .doc and .docx files are still not supported.

As for students, the larger screen size makes it ideal for textbooks, so that illustrations, graphs, charts, and other academic-related literature can be viewed without obstructions. As of the moment, Amazon has announced that it has inked agreements with textbook publishers, although the number of actual textbooks in the Amazon Kindle eBooks store is still quite limited.

Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) E-Book Reader reviews would be quick to point out that compared to other Kindles and e-book readers, the DX is heavier and bigger. The bigger screen has been justified above, but as for the weight (it weighs close to twice the Kindle 2), the DX is still lighter compared to most books. Textbooks aside, the normal novel is twice heavier than the DX. One could only think the convenience of reading War and Peace or A Suitable Boy in a DX compared to tagging along these books that can double as doorstops. Besides, a DX screen can present at least 2 ½ pages seen in a Kindle 2. This makes page turning less frequent.

The Kindle DX also contains speech controls that allow the unit to read off paragraphs. However, they are not explicitly available, and keystroke combinations have to be done to make the feature work. Text of Kindle e-books in the Kindle DX still appears via E-Ink technology, which can cause turning pages to be a fraction of a second longer. But then, with ample lighting, this is the closest any e-book reader can get to an ‘authentic’ reading experience.

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