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Sat, Mar 5, 2011

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Disaster can strike anytime. It always pays to save and back-up data regularly and failing to do so will not only cost huge amount of effort lost but your work will surely have you pay for it. This task can be quite a pain in the neck as it always eats so much time. Fortunately, I encountered and test the Acronis True Image Home 2011 and it dissolved a lot of my issues in data back-up and disaster recovery just like how a professional technician would have done it.

I have used and tested a lot of back-up solutions in the past and would not know until now the sophisticated disk-solutions that would secure my data. I am just plain lucky as a novice user to be able to navigate easily through the different options of the software. It has a One-Click back-up feature that even allows backing-up of system partition as I also store the operating system, applications, settings and other data. There are essential tools that can be used to recover even after system crash or minor lost of data. What is unique in Acronis True Image Home 2011 is that it is designed to perform exact, sector-by sector disk back-ups.

When I first installed the program, the launching screen has all the buttons that quickly guided me to the tasks that must be done and the back-up tools that can do those tricks. I was amazed that it even has the capability to create a clone image of my whole drive and would even allow me to launch that through a virtual machine, replicating the structure and contents to the new disk.

Another great thing about this software is its bootable media wizard that affords me to create a recovery environment to CD or other media. As complete system failure may happen unexpectedly, it takes away so many headaches as it allows booting the machine to a proprietary environment and recover complete system back at any given time.

As we could not really get away with nasty virus attacks that can easily wipe out your machine with vital information and system settings, having Acronis True Image Home 2011 is one precious reliever that must be at hand to be prepared for any information catastrophe. Just like me, a lot would find the bootable Acronis Secure Zone, a hidden partition option created and managed by True Image, is not accessible to the user or other applications such as malware.

Even if you are forgetful of the back-up tasks, there is the feature called Acronis Nonstop Backup Continuous backup process backups are created automatically every five minutes without having me to stop what I am currently doing just do to the back-up.

Until now I still have a lot of compatibility issues with some of the applications that do not run smoothly with Microsoft Windows 7. Surprisingly, this back-up software has no migration problem at all for those coming from the early operating system version. Nonetheless, it is backward compatible and can work with early OS versions.

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