Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P Desktop PC Review

Sun, Dec 25, 2011

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Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P Desktop PC Review

This Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P desktop PC review includes the various things that you might need to know about this particular product that would help you decide whether or not it is worth getting. The price for this desktop PC may range more or less at five hundred dollars in the United States but this changes over time. A lot of distributors worldwide make updates of their prices on a regular basis. The prices also vary daily in the market; hence, current prices have to be verified among existing dealers. However, the prices are certainly offered reasonably than other brand models that may be much better-looking. The operating system in use of Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P is Windows 7 with Home Premium 64-bit computer processor to handle information. The motherboard has Intel G41 Express chipset which assures to render new-fangled technologies and ground-breaking capacities for users of digital home appliance. It has significant improvements when it comes to delivering video, scalability, responsiveness, and graphics. This chipset facilitates scalability as well as performance for daily performance of operations.

In this Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P desktop PC review, RAM type is indicated as DDR3 SDRAM with RAM capacity of 4 GB and preloaded memory of DDR3-1333. This is a dual core processor type Pentium E6700 processor model with frequency of 3.20 gigahertz and cache of 2.0 megabytes. It has 1 terabyte hard drive of interface Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) for connecting hard drives, memory storage of 1000 gigabyte with RPM 5400. Therefore, storage space is adequate. In considering graphics its video card is Intel GMA X4500 HD with sound card integrated. It may include Microsoft Office 2010, McAfee Interne Security, and MyWinLocker free download drivers. Taking a look within the casing of this model, there may not be an apparent space for additions; however, there was no difficulty in opening the casing. All it takes is to release the two screws and you are inside the very neat and well thought-out portion of the case. However, for the expansion card you only get one open Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or PCIe x1 slot and one other open PCI express x 16 slot for expansion of add-in peripherals.

On the whole, this Acer Aspire AX1920-UR20P desktop PC review results to an overall very well performance. It may not be winnable when it comes to style categories but for a reasonably priced desktop PC it definitely shows a lot of potential. With communications it has LAN of 1000 mbps and a card reader only and no other connections. It may have some apparent downsides with its wired USB peripherals, graphics that are integrated, and no capacity for WiFi connectivity. For a desktop personal computer, it certainly can handle itself fine with fundamental operations and tasks. The only accessories it includes are the keyboard and optical mouse. It is also worth mentioning that this PC model has terabyte computer storage capacity of hard drive space. Therefore, for budget conscious consumers who need basic computer capabilities this model is a fairly good selection. It must be noted that all specifications differ depending on the model type.

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